Duncan Wong – YogicArts ロゴマークデザイン

ヨギックアーツとその創始者ダンカンウォン氏の新しいシンボルマークのデザイン。今回は書道で何枚も書いた中から、よい部分をピックアップしていこうと思いましたが、書道とはおもしろいもので、結局は一発書きしたものを採用することになりました。その書道をスキャンしてAdobe Illustratorで再度調節。全世界のさまざまなメディアで使用する予定なので、yogicarts.comでメディア用に公開しています。


While working on the renewal for YogicArts for founder Duncan Wong, I also created a new logo and symbol. I thought it would be interesting to work with calligraphy, picking up elements from many versions of the same writing, but in the end I used the base of one piece of writing only. I uploaded the scanned version into Adobe Illustrator, tweaking as necessary. Being used for different media all over the world, the new logo was first revealed at yogicarts.com.

I was also part of the overall website renewal going on at the same time, taking on the desig. It underwent quite radical changes. The previous logo, a helvetica based emblem with a very orderly impression, made people aware of the workshops but not of Duncan’s character. His fun classes and uniqueness as well as his cultural mix. The new symbol is made to convey his atmosphere of disregard of any boundaries.

He spends about 60% of his time in Japan and the rest in the west. Therefore it’s quite natural for a western audience to associate him with the writings of a calligraphy brush. I occasionally try out design with calligraphy elements, and I was really impressed this time around with the impresson of depth. It’s serious, like a fight with real swords, and no room for failure. A design for a world where regret is not permitted and a world with a repetition of regret, it is interesting.