Ceramic Treasures

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NHK Worldで放送されている番組Ceramic Treasuresの番組ロゴデザイン、オープニングアニメーション。素材がまったく無かったので、すべてCGで作成することにしました。陶器は自然に存在する様々な要素と人間の知恵が作り出した物体というコンセプトのもと、回転しながら各要素が表現されて番組タイトルに決まる流れをスケッチしました。


We designed and created the logo and opening animation for the NHK World programme ‘Ceramic Treasures’. Since we had no materials to start with, we opted to create everything from scratch in CG. The programme’s concept is that pottery is the culmination of natural materials and a wealth of human experience. Working with this concept, the opening animation outlines each of these elements while an item of pottery slowly rotates, revealing the programme title.

The dish was created completely in 3D computer graphics and the title text was overlayed in post-production using After Effects.
We opted to use the plug-in ‘PLEXUS’ to achieve this. We had some good results, but to avoid a similar touch each time you use PLEXUS, you have to use it smartly.