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歌舞伎町ダンスコンテスト ロゴマーク・ポスター・WEB デザイン

Graphic Design, Hardcore Coding, Web Design
ポスター, ロゴ
About This Project
このコンテスト、今後も行われていくようで、ちなみに第2回の開催は、予選用収録 9月10日(土) 本選10月後半予定というスケジュールで進んでいくようです。
Design of logo for a dance competition held in Kabukicho in Shinjuku. It took a bit of time since it’s been a while since I designed by hand. I started with a sketched image which I used as a base for the illustration. However it didn’t have the right impact, so in the end I rendered it in 3d software. I think it turned out to have a dance vibe to it. The end package for design consists of logo, poster, banner and website.
The contest is divided into two rounds. The qualification round takes place on September 10th (Saturday), with the main event scheduled for October.