NHK ニュースで英会話ウェブサイト刷新

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よく見ないとわかりませんが、立体物が落とす影に色がついていたり、半透明の物体が落とす影にも元の色が混ざっていたりしています。これはAdobe AfterEffectsのレイトレース3Dで作成しました。いまや社会の中心に参加しはじめたデジタルネイティブ世代を少し意識した演出をしたつもりです。

Website renewal for News De Eikaiwa
As we are facing the start of the new broadcasting year, I took part in updating the website and program called “The News in English”. The program broadcasts national news in English, with explanation of sentences and key points, making it a tool for English studies. The show is for persons interested in learning about current topics, have an interest in the world, as well as a will to improve their English. The aim was a design that was not too casual, but with a modern feel to it.

Logo reform
A complete redesign of the logo for the show, which was used last year. The previous logo and the show went well together, so although I felt that there was no need to change it in its entirety, I have been bothered a bit about the fact that the shape of it was not symmetrical. Therefore I could make the silhouette symmetrical this time around.

You can’t really tell from the image, but the logo is in fact made out of colored shadows, mixing with semitransparent colored shadows. The effect was made in Adobe AfterEffects using the 3D retrace. What I was going for was the idea of the digital natives increasingly becoming parts of the main society.