Miyabi Flyer

Creative-Direction : Junji Ito, Art Direction : Junji Ito, Graphic Design : Minoru Nitta, Photography : Junji Ito, Videography : N/A, 3D/Animation : N/A, Web Design : , Web Engineering : N/A

法隆寺 再現 釈迦三尊像展 記念雅楽コンサート MIYABI用チラシのデザイン

東京藝術大学社会連携センター特任教授・高岡市魅力発信アドバイザー 伊東順二先生のプロジェクトです。撮影する機会はなかったので、三尊像を3つの丸で雅楽色で構成するデザインを提案させてもらいました。

This is the flyer for the Horyuji temple Shakudo-Sato memorial traditional concert. This is a project made by professor Junji Ito, who is a Tokyo National University of the Archeology Society Collaboration Center Professor, and the Takaoka City Attraction Advisor. I did not have the opportunity to do photography for the event, so I was asked to design a flyer incorporating the idea of the Gautama Triad, the Buddha flanked by two retainers, into 3 separate circles on the flyer.