Lono 全日空機内誌広告デザイン

Creative-Direction : Minoru Nitta, Art Direction : Minoru Nitta, Graphic Design : Minoru Nitta, Photography : Minoru Nitta, Videography : N/A, 3D/Animation : N/A, Web Design : , Web Engineering : N/A

ana logue用のハワイアンジュエリーロノの純広。




Advertisement of Hawaiian Jewelry brand “Lono” featured in Ana Logue magazine.

The photography was taken in a studio in Kugenuma.

This is an announcement for their new designs and gold jewelry. This new lineup caters to an older age group, due to it’s price range. A red background was used to highlight the beauty of gold colour, with only a little retouching to bring out the shine.

Photoshop is part of modern photography advertisement, which can’t be driven without it.