LONO ポスター

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アートディレクション、撮影、デザインを行いました。 モデルは弊社の仕事をいろいろとサポートしてくれているミュージシャンのアナンダジェイコブス、モデルのエリカ、アンです。みなさんさすがプロです、雰囲気だけつたえると、スグに対応してくれました。


Posters created for a party to showcase the new product line of 2011.

I saw the project through from Art Direction to photographing to design. The models are represented by this company and consist of the musician Ananda Jacobs and the models Erika and Anne. All of them are pros. I only need to tell them what type of atmosphere I am after and they immediately give me the right expression.

Within Hawaiin jewelry as a whole, the brand Lono has a bit of a gothic touch, and the venue and time of the party at night went hand-in-hand although it might seem like a mismatch.