GEIDAI ARTS in Marunouchi 母学

東京藝術大学社会連携センターの伊東順二先生が毎年プロデュースしている、東京丸の内で行うイベントGEIDAI ARTS in Marunouchi!その中のイベントのひとつ母学の告知用チラシのデザインをさせていただきました。大変パワフルな写真ですが、聞いた話では主宰の葛西先生の知り合いのイタリア人カメラマンの実の子のようです。




GEIDAI ARTS in Marunouchi Bogaku

This was the GEIDAI ARTS festival in Marunouchi that professor Junji Ito, deputy director of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Social Collaboration Center, produces every year. I designed a flyer for announcing one of the events during the festival. It is a very powerful photograph, and I heard that the child in the photograph is Mr. Kasai’s Italian Photographer friend’s child. I also made the logo for the event. In order to express the relationship between the mother and the child, I gave the flyer a geometric, but easy feeling. I also put together the website for the Mother Studies event.