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SKYSHOP 2011年11・12月号掲載用のハワイアンジュエリーブランドLONOの広告用の写真とデザインを担当させていただきました。この手のブツは写りこみが困ったことになりますが、ジュエリーの周りを黒い紙で覆い写りこみを作って撮影しました。デザインはロノのラインナップの中でも最高峰にクラスされるレッドを基調に展開しました。
For the November/December 2011 issue of the Skyshop magazine, I was in charge of photography and design of a print ad for the Hawaiian jewelry brand Lono. Since the products gave a lot of reflection it was a bit of trouble so I used black paper to cover over reflected areas. The design utilizes red as its keytone, lining up the high-class Lono wares.
The keyword for Lono this coming season is jingling. Bringing together jewelry with meaning and hope onto a single chain. Hawaiin jewelry is meaningful in both shape and pattern, and you can enjoy your own combinations of different pieces.