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と、いうことでシステム自体はWordpressで構築、テーマはQODE BRIDGEを使って、一部モディファイを行いました。

Ishimori Production Website Design and Integration

Japanese boys’ Eternal Kamen Rider! Shotaro Ishinomori is the creator of this character, and Corporation Ishimori Pro. handles the copyrights for these creations; we created their production website. This website doesn’t just manage the copyrights, it creates various animation titles, manga comics, posters and many more. The company is in constant operation, covering so much material, so the main reason for the website was to act as a platform so that all of this content is displayed clearly. In addition, due to the extensive audience range, from young children to adults, our aim is to construct a website that doesn’t have a clustered layout; everything should be displayed beautifully. Yet, its appearance and operation is still a working progress, especially for Smartphones devices.

This site is built with WordPress, using the theme “QODE BRIDGE” which we partly modified.