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アトリエいなむら ケーキちらし

Graphic Design, Photography
ショップカード, チラシ, ロゴ
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Atelier Inamura Cake Brochure

Atelier Inamura started out hosting a class for plate decoration. However, over time the cakes served on those plates gained a reputation, and Atelier Inamura was reborn as a cake shop, on merit of course. We wanted to spread the word about their cakes, so they allowed us to design this brochure.

Atelier Inamura boasts two varieties, cheesecake and chiffon cake, and they come sliced or whole. The shop is perched on top of a hill in a well-lit location, and plenty of light filters through the building. Without even location hunting, we soon came across this great spot.

In designing the brochure, we aimed plain and simply to bring out Atelier Inamura’s colour. In fact, the most difficult part of the design process was the map. The shop is set between Shichirigahama and Inamuragahama, amidst a maze of streets and with no landmarks close by. Unless you’re local, you would struggle to make sense of the structure. It’s a little far from the Kamakura Prince Hotel, the only local landmark, so we struggled a little designing this map. Hope people don’t get lost!