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おとなの基礎英語 ロゴマーク

Graphic Design
NHK, ロゴ
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Otona no Kiso Eigo’ Logo

‘Otona no Kiso Eigo’ is not your average programme, even for the Kiso Eigo series.
It’s a drama filmed on location overseas combining Chiriko Sakashita’s bubbly dialogue, Matsumoto-sensei’s witty retorts and Mika Hijii’s sparkling down-to-earth performances.
For all the information squeezed into this 10 minute programme, its quality really shines through.

To invite the viewer to casually take part in this refined, grown-up English course, despite having entered our late thirties, we were able to take a feminine approach quite naturally.
Nevertheless, we preserved a balance between the warmth of both Chiriko and Mika’s characters.
We reduced the number of straight lines and softened the feeling they’d been created on a computer, we individually altered each letter.