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Android vs iPhone

I had been using the iPhone 5 from Softbank for almost two years, and after successive iOS updates, the specs were no longer up to scratch.
I’ve never been an Apple fanboy, but to give credit where credit is due, the iPhone served me pretty well, performing simple tasks and lookin’ good all the while.

Electronica Britannica

23rd September 2014 saw the release of ‘Syro’, the first in 13 years for British electronic musician Aphex Twin.
Aphex Twin has produced dozens of albums since becoming known in the early 1990s and boasts hundreds of hours of unreleased material.

Video Copilot Element3D V2




Space Oddity 1969

もう、1年くらい前になると思いますが、宇宙飛行士のChris Hadfieldさんが人工衛星の中で歌ったSpace Oddityが話題になりました。ものすごくよくできた映像で歌もうまく、超絶な完成度だったわけですが、オリジナル曲は1969年にDavid Bowie氏がリリースしたものです。

映画 Frank



英語でももちろん”bring back memories”のように言葉はあります。

Band Aid 30

Band Aidって最初に発足してから30年経つんですね。今回30周年+エボラ出血熱寄付で新たにBand Aid 30が起ち上がったようです。メンバーのリストが掲載されています。当たり前ですが時代を感じます。

My Mate, Marmite

It’s fair to say that the word “Marmite” inspires abject fear in some and mouth-watering pleasure in others.
To those from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and perhaps Australia (we’ll let you off with Vegemite), more than any other product Marmite has come to define the love/hate relationship with food.

Volkswagen Beetle…


Tube Design

Around one year ago, I came across Mark Ovenden’s ‘London Underground By Design’ in a Tokyo bookshop. For the first time, it opened my eyes to the rich history of design to be found in my hometown. While living there I’d experienced it daily and never really appreciated it, but after leaving London I can now see it differently.