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Graphic Design, Photography
NHK, 高校講座
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壇蜜さんは高校講座 保健体育の先生
渡辺さんは高校講座 英語の団長(?)


Design and Photography for Kokokoza’s 2016 Poster

Before the start of the New Year I went to Kokokoza and helped the PR course with the photography and design for their 2016 poster. The main reason for this design communication was to have a similar theme as the previous year’s poster, someone promoting a message.

NHK had already decided on the cast and I was surprised because the two ladies don’t really fit NHK’s image. However, the more I worked with them I understood NHK’s decision to cast the ladies. I was a little confused about how to design the poster, but someone on the shoot suggested that they both wear a jersey and that inspired me to create this sketch. After analyzing last year’s poster, I decided to follow a similar approach for the 2016 poster design and just add a few tweeks.

Since the two ladies had busy schedules, we had to organise two separate photoshoots in different locations. To make it seem as though they were both in the same photo, I had to remember the lighting I used for the first shoot and constantly compare each photograph; this made it easier for when I had the edit both images. It takes more than a few seconds to capture a great image, yet as both ladies were very fun and friendly to work with, it was easy to get take these photos as they had great facial expressions.

Health and Physical Education teacher – DanMitsu

Watanabe’s Head English teacher